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State-of-the-art Technologies

Our commitment to quality and craftsmanship is supported by state-of-the-art facilities for unparalleled reliability. 

Soft Proofing System 

At its core, soft proofing is a simulation mechanism that replicates on a monitor exactly the way a colour will be presented on a physical object.  This sophisticated new technology greatly accelerates the colour-approval process, thus enabling greater flexibility in the overall production schedule. 

Cutting-edge Printing Machinery

We operate a full fleet of cutting-edge high-speed KBA printing presses.   As a member of the CIP4 organization, all our printing units are linked up by the Logotronic system which serves as a data exchange hub.  This gives us full control over the complete printing process from job planning, parameter settings, data analysis, and job tracking to reporting of printing results. 

Injection Moulding Arm 

Our complete set of in-house injection moulding, plastic mixing and blending, welding and die-cut machineries is exceptional in the industry.  This gives us the unique edge of producing different plastics parts, such as dice, pawns and chests, all within our premises.  

Board Game Production Line

As one of the region’s leading board game production experts, we operate a wide range of board game production machinery including full game board production lines, rigid box production lines, heat tunnel and automatic box gluing machines.  

Card Game Line 

Our card game production line features automated card slitting and collating systems, automatic card game cello wrapping line, and cellophane packing machine, all customized for professional game cards production.  

Post-press Machines 

To give your products more impact, our post-production binding and finishing machines include but are not limited to foil stamping, laminating, die-cutting, coating, pattern embossing, glittering, perfect binding and saddle stitching.